Music Sites

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Music Sites

Postby willow » 14 Apr 2008, 04:42

A comprehensive list of torrent sites that specialize in Music releases.
A separate list of sites specializing in Direct Stream music videos.
Will add to list as they are posted. ;)

Torrent sites - Oday, rare, flac and more - Oday, rare, flac and more - a legal one! liveshows

Direct stream music videos
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Re: Music Sites

Postby kornflames » 19 Feb 2009, 18:10

just found this one
everything unreleased in stores is the target meaning tv broadcasts of bands ( often converted into dvd )
soundboard tapes, audience tapes of high quality, shows by big bands dating to the beginning.

General tracker statistics (last updated on Thu, 19th Feb 2009, at 08:06 GMT):

Registered users: 102,336
New within 24 hrs.: 256
Unconfirmed: 119
Ratio > 1.0: 27,925
Ratio < 0.25: 29,850
Available torrents: 28,846
New within 24 hrs.: 119
Currently seeded: 16,389
Active rate: 57%
Active peers: 64,708
Seeders: 58,646
Leechers: 6,062
Seeders rate: 91%
Firewalled peers: 24,695
Seeders: 22,108
Leechers: 2,587
Firewalled rate: 38%

pretty easy to register, if you fail, get check4change firefox addon and let the page reload till you can register
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Re: Music Sites

Postby AIO » 19 May 2010, 14:50

softmp3 is closed and has their site code up for download.
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