Within Temptation - Black Symphony 1080 blu-ray

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Within Temptation - Black Symphony 1080 blu-ray

Postby Tyrion » 08 Jan 2011, 02:36

....thought i'd mention this one because it just blew me away :2thumbs: :applaus:

No idea how easy this stuff is to find on torrent sites but there are a few 1080 versions available on usenet, 2 of which are:

Within.Temptation-Black.Symphony.2008.1080p.Blu-ray.DTS.x264-GR (10gb)

Within.Temptation.Black.Symphony.2009.DTS.1080i.BluRay.x264-Kuscheltier (12gb)

Band is Within Temptation, from Holland:


mainly a symphonic metal band in a similar vein to Nightwish (Finland), Delain (Holland, again :mg: - i'm REALLY liking Delain :applaus:), Lacuna Coil (Italy) & Evanescence (USA - but they're 'happier' than Evanescence ;D )

Anyway, back in 2008 they staged a 'one-off' concert/event at The Ahoy (Rotterdam), in front of a crowd of 10,000 & filmed with 14 hd cameras. They were supported by the 60-piece Metropole Orchestra & the 20 member Pa'dam choir:


You can find reviews on amazon.com (just search for 'within temptation black symphony blu-ray' - linky seems to be individual to the searcher, so no point giving that ;))

If you like loud/grand/stadium metal/rock with loud guitars & keyboards, with a strong orchestral element it's a 'must' :cheers:

ps - yeah, i know the cd of the concert is also available, but seeing it is a large part of the fun ;); you can also find the concert footage/music on youtube ;)
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