Faster Than Light Explained

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Faster Than Light Explained

Postby Ceil » 16 Oct 2011, 17:16
The Michelson-Morley experiment shows that the experimental outcome of an interference experiment does not depend on the constant velocity of the setup with respect to an inertial frame of reference. From this one can conclude the existence of an invariant velocity of light. However it does not follow from their experiment that a time-of-flight is reference frame independent. In fact the theory of special relativity predicts that the distance between the production location of a particle and the detection location will be changed in all reference frames which have a velocity component parallel to the baseline separating source and detector in a foton time-of-flight experiment. For the OPERA experiment we find that the associated correction is in the order of 32 ns. Because, judging from the information provided, the correction needs to be applied twice in the OPERA experiment the total correction to the final results is in the order of 64 ns. Thus bringing the apparent velocities of neutrino's back to a value not significantly different from the speed of light. We end this short letter by suggesting an analysis of the experimental data which would illustrate the effects described.
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Re: Faster Than Light Explained

Postby Typhos » 18 Oct 2011, 22:17

I read this twice and gave up :book:
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Re: Faster Than Light Explained

Postby mecca30uk » 20 Oct 2011, 11:09

ive been reading about the results from CERN with interest, but i wont go into this shit here its broing as hell for people who dont have a degree in physics.

i just wanted you to know im into this shit also :cheers:

amazing to think when they annonced it time travel suddenly became possible. :frightened:

ive always thought it was, but i wont bore people with my theory on why, the wife's head nearly exploded when i tried to explain it to her lol :dielaughing:
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Re: Faster Than Light Explained

Postby AIO » 04 Sep 2013, 16:37

This post makes TOTAL sense after watching this TED talk: ... econd.html

TL;DR - Thought watching a bullet go through objects was cool? Now we can record a beam of light going through an object. If we were the watch the beam of light at the same speed as the slo-mo bullet, it would take a year to watch that light pass through an object. Watching light with cameras at these speeds has provided us with possible ways of looking around corners.

And mecca, if you ever come back to this post...Here's something to throw a monkey wrench in your time travel plans:

Basically, Earth not only travels in a path around the Sun, it also waltzes with the Sun through the Galaxy and takes ~106k years to travel to the same spot. Taking this into mind, it may mean that we would only have the chance to travel every ~106k years. And unless you have a good map of the area at the time, you may not want to travel to the past...or the future. You don't know where you would end up. Middle of the Ocean of that time? If you did get would you get around? I'm sure that anything 106k years ago was pretty good at killing what came of us today. While 106k years into the future may be a police state that you aren't chipped for.
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