How Windows 7 Knows About Your Internet Connection

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How Windows 7 Knows About Your Internet Connection

Postby Ceil » 18 May 2011, 13:55

"In Windows 7, any time you connect to a network, Windows tells you if you have full internet access or just a local network connection. It also knows if a WiFi access point requires in-browser authentication. How? It turns out, a service automatically requests a file from a Microsoft website every time you connect to any network, and the result of this attempt tells it whether the connection is successful. This feature is useful, but some may have privacy concerns with sending their IP address to Microsoft (which the site logs, according to documentation) every single time they connect to the internet. As it turns out, not only can you disable the service, you can even tell it to check your own server instead." ... ection-req

a) who gives a shit about IP, I mean they have it when you do Windows Update and it's just an IP. Oh sorry and every week with internet time correction.
b) disable, nice feature.
It is possible to disable NCSI by a registry setting if you don’t want Microsoft to be able to check your internet connection.

* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet
* Under the Internet key, double-click EnableActiveProbing, and then in Value data, type: 0.The default for this value is 1. Setting the value to 0 prevents NCSI from connecting to a site on the Internet during checks for connectivity.

c) Use your own server, Microsoft is great. ... awareness/

Me, I'll keep it as is. I don't care one bit if Microsoft gets my IP. And they already have it two other ways.
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Re: How Windows 7 Knows About Your Internet Connection

Postby kornflames » 24 May 2011, 00:01

Usefull, but indeed if they don't have it by now, they never will
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