New Chatroom @ for Avalon & Camelot !!!.

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New Chatroom @ for Avalon & Camelot !!!.

Postby rakmeister » 12 Mar 2011, 21:26

New Chatroom @ for Avalon & Camelot !!!.

located on a Semi-Private p2p irc server/network.
(so semi private, since its not my network) yes it hosts more than 1 site/channel.! #NL for my fellow dutchies for instance. ok back to...


We need more users in the Chatroom, the more peeps the more fun we havz.
(used some from a old guide i made/compiles for the site where i am a currentl still moderator.)
(and bot master(sitebot)

so hello avalonians here we are. back on track not broken not split just Stonger as even With a WorldWide dynamics change that even a lookingglass cant forsee
so i would encourage anyont to chat to each other, and learn from each other. ive learned stuff there for correlation and cynchronisity and biofeedback, ok

ok back to the guide...

PART 1 Easy

How to connect -> to the Chatroom.
3+ ways to do it.

Web-Based Client
enter your nickname and press: connect

Web-Based JavaClient ( i made a tiny url instead of big link)

Type: "/join #project_avalon" after connecting. to enter the chatroom.

IRC Client (mirc/xchat/chatzilla & Co
*SSL*:see later refrence to

What do you see on Entry
[12:25:11] * Now talking in #Project_Avalon
[12:25:11] * Topic is '[ Welcome To Project Avalon & Camelot - The Semi_Private Chat ][ News: ♥ be ♥ | (open registration) | if the name is taken/allready regged: add a|or _ to name or rename to.'
[12:25:11] * Set by AVCA on Fri Mar 11 07:04:39
[12:25:11] -ChanFix- [#Project_Avalon] Welcome to the Public Chatroom for Avalon & Camelot. To change your name type:"" /nick myname "" | !chat for the links !radio !register (nick register info) /ns identify pass (to identify (when regged)

New Forum_threads are announced in the chatroom for both AvalonF & CamelotF !

[19:21:59] <@AVCA>Camelot Forum Subject: 8,000 Sacred drums main one held in Mexico - by: TheCougarandEagle.
[19:29:52] <@AVCA> [ Avalon Forum ] 8,000 Sacred drums main one held in Mexico.

more chatclients

* Windows: mIRC, Miranda IM, Trillian, Pidgin, KVIrc, and XChat.
* Unix and Linux: Quassel, Kopete, irssi, XChat, Konversation, Pidgin, and the traditional ircII and derivatives.
* For Mac OS X: Snak, Ircle and Colloquy. OS X can also run most Unix-like command line and X11 IRC clients.
*There are a number of web browsers with built in IRC clients. Opera has a built in IRC client. To Mozilla Firefox, ChatZilla add-on can be installed. Web based clients include Mibbit and WebIRC.

chatzilla for Firefox ... chatzilla/

my looks(black background)mirc

[b]Part 2

therefor this guide has been made/compiled, and i hope it will help alot of you who are new to mIRC.+ other Chatclients

To get the IRC-client mIRC goto:
[url=""][/url] and choose a mirror.
you can also use the javachat :
for this guide mirc is used as example, there are more clients like xchat etc.
...and then "Yes".
Choose your path, where u want mIRC to be installed. Then click next.
mIRC is now installing.
check "launch mIRC now" and then press "finish"
This is the first thing that pop-ups when you open your mIRC-client, so just fill in your name, email, nick and "backup" nick incase your's taken, and don't use your real email here.
Now, press "ok" and in the bottom textfield type:

/server for SSL* see ssl info

Let's register your nick, and the best thing would be to use the nick your using on the site, to change your nick, simply type this:

/nick yoursitenick

[10:57:47] <+RAKMEiSTER> !register
[10:57:48] <&AVCA> To register on IRC type /msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <e-mail address> - example: /msg nickserv REGISTER secretword

now you have to identify yourself, to identify yourself type:
/msg nickserv identify <password>

Let's join #Project_Avalon channel. to join, just type:
/join #Project_Avalon

And to join the help channel #help channel, type:
/join #help for network related questions and vhost (#vhost = temp) permanent can be set by an iRCop @ #help.

* "SSL"


Using SSL with mIRC

The latest versions of mIRC all support secure server connections via SSL using the OpenSSL library. To use the OpenSSL library with mIRC you will need to download the library and place it in the mIRC folder or in the Windows System folder. You can then run mIRC and the OpenSSL library will be used automatically.

Where can I download the OpenSSL library?

Where do I install OpenSSL?

You will need to place the files either in the mIRC folder (typically C:\Program Files\mIRC) or in the Windows System folder (typically C:\Windows\System32).


What do I do next?
Once you have the files inside of your mIRC folder, make sure any instances of mIRC are closed.
Open up your client and type:
//echo $sslready

Make sure you use both /s or else you will merely see $sslready (exactly what you typed).
If it says $true, you're set to go. If not you might try to visit the support channel (#Help)for additional assistance.

Once you get it to say $true, just type in /server

If you'd like to make this a more permanent change since you've already went through all this trouble, you should update your server configuration.
In your mIRC click on Tool then Options.


you will have to expand the first tab on the left that says Connect by clicking the + next to it. Then click on Servers. Assuming you already have your client set up for Torrent-Damage, you will find p2p-network in your lest of servers and click Edit. If you do not already have your client set up for Torrent-Damage you will merely click Add and fill in the blanks the same as if you had clicked Edit

The blank for IRC Server should stay the same as you have it now:

Make sure you have the + before the number* or else it won't work. (*:+7000)
Note: This does not encrypt DCC.

When connecting to these servers you will not notice any difference from connecting to a normal server. You may see a notice such as:

*** You are connected to this server with TLSv1-AES256-SHA-256bits

And if you perform a /whois "nickname" on yourself you should see a "note" indicating that you are using a secure connection.

That's it. You're set to be safe forever. :P

extra info
The NickServ, nickname service bot, is used to register and protect user nicknames. By Registering your nickname, only you will be able to use it. Anyone else who attempts to use it without giving nickserv your registered password will be warned and their nickname will automatically be changed to a Guest Nick within a few minutes. NickServ also gives you the ability to do a number of other commands that can be useful. Here's the most important though, how to register your nickname:

When communicating to NickServ you can either type /nickserv or /ns I prefer /ns because it is shorter. While using your site username as your nick name, type:

To register on IRC type
/msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <e-mail address>
- example:
/msg nickserv REGISTER secretword
(no real email required & no mail = send for confirmation) not required :P

From now on when you join mIRC chat you need to identify to NickServ. To Identify type:

/nickserv identify (password)

ex. /nickserv identify bobbert

for a list of further NickServ commands, you can type:

/nickserv help

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in this thread or join the chat(irc) and get a fast response!!!


Part * (technical)

more info @about the server:
P2P-NET irc servers can be reached at on ports:
6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, and for SSL, +6697, +7000 via IPv4 and IPv6.

Currently 6 servers connected being 1 big network ( and services and connecting hubs)

( use ((if the American ones are laggin or dropping out))
Instead of which just autoredirect to closest one )

this has also been posted on camelot.(updated there soon2)
I also got a offer to have it hosted on another server from a girl I thrust and love.
And trail and I also thought about running ones own irc server (iRCD*)
For all the technical folks that wanna think in/how/more or when *^ for instance can provide an extra leaf. I haven’t heard from tommy )CA) yet, but steve did pass the info onto…
As for the chatlink here @site its already mibbit so can be replaced easy with new server info
That’s to bill and staff. Since you decide same goes @ Camelot chat. That’s Kerry.
As for the chatroom name. see technical Q&A thread my post, with addon info to..

If ive missed anything in the post please to point it out,
And that’s it for now.

(cant show all pictures cause of 7max limitd)

related thead:

ill try and update this guide soon, to my best ...
rest is not in my hands what/whom wants where :)


see ya soon





copied from my post on CA/PA

check it out, and got Q's

check forums and AV1 archieve,

and ill be on irc, or read my posts onsite(forums x2)
projectcamelotproductions vid/audio/archive/etc
CA open regg, AV requires application to be filled and accepted. but do try


dont try to get it all

just do 1 step at the time

with doubt comes reason, and with reason and knowledge awareness grows,

knowledge is power but power aint wisdom

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Re: New Chatroom @ for Avalon & Camelot !!!.

Postby rakmeister » 12 Mar 2011, 22:17

[1:12:45] <RAKMEiSTER> ... ch-09-2011
[1:12:56] <RAKMEiSTER> acrturian lightship, and a scoutship ^not triangle or whatever
[1:13:36] <RAKMEiSTER> ... rch-5-2011
[1:14:15] <RAKMEiSTER> ... ch-07-2011
[1:14:24] <RAKMEiSTER> ... 92-landing

[1:14:38] <RAKMEiSTER> ... n-Sea-Cave
[1:14:47] <RAKMEiSTER> ... -The-Truth
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