Release Group "MeGaHeRTZ" Has Been Inserting Malware

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Release Group "MeGaHeRTZ" Has Been Inserting Malware

Postby Ceil » 12 Nov 2013, 10:04 ... hs-131111/

While viruses and malware can be added to any file online, it is rare for malicious content to planted by those in the so-called warez scene. Nevertheless, it has now been revealed that since February 2013 one particular group has been dropping a little something extra into its cracked software releases. Anyone who has installed the group’s software patches may well have had their username, hard drive serial, computer name and IP address emailed out without their knowledge.
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Re: Release Group "MeGaHeRTZ" Has Been Inserting Malware

Postby whiteboy » 14 Nov 2013, 05:17

Its a good idea for the scammers. Tons of people run these cracks and ignore any warning from their AV since its always a false positive. I'm sure its not the first time.
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